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EVE Battery, as a national high-tech enterprise, focuse on lithium battery innovation and manufacture. After 20 years' endeavor, EVE's ER batteries sell well all over the world, and its primary lithium batteries occupy an important position in domestic market. In past three years, EVE has focused on the power and energy storage market and has adopted highly automated and informationized production methods to provide customers with high-quality, high-reliability lithium battery products and services.

To provide world-class lithium batter!

Product features:

Highly automated production equipment to ensure the consistency of battery performance;

It adopts rectangular aluminum shell structure and composite cover plate with explosion-proof valve,with high safety performance and no leakage;

Low internal resistance, high discharge rate,stable dsicharge platfrom;

Can be designed and customized according to customer requirements;

Already got CCS, DNV-GL type approval certification;

Air cooled or liquid cooled, active balance can be included;

Long cycle life, the remaining capacity of 1C/1C 4000 cycles is more than 80%.

Battery Cell: LF105/LF280/LF230/LF50K

Application: Electrical Ship/Bus, Electrical Energy Storage(EES), Battery and hybrid ship, Feeding Barge, etc...


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