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Matre is a well renowned provider of products, systems and services for the global maritime and offshore industry, focusing on firefighting solutions, calibrating equipment, pumps and machining services.

Throughout the company’s 60 year long history we have placed great emphasis on quality, product development, flexible and reliable solutions, and designs that are tailor-made for each customer or project.This has resulted in a steady rate of innovations within our different product ranges.

In Matre, high quality is our brand. Strict programs for testing and control, guided by a ISO 9001 certified quality assurance system, ensures that every delivery meets the current safety regulations, project specifications and the customers’ requirements.

Selling our products to customers who place extremely high demands on accuracy and materials, we need to have the highest levels of expertise and the very best equipment. And we’re proud to say: We have both! Our highly dedicated professionals comprise engineering, mechanical and machine operation expertise, and many of our employees have years of invaluable experience.

Matre was founded in 1953, in Bomlo at the west coast of Norway. Here, at the very heart of a major maritime cluster, with roots dating all the way back to the Viking era, the company has grown and evolved steadily.

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